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In May, however, the company stopped production of the weekly newspaper because of low advertising sales during the recession. She now serves as executive officer of Charlottesville-based Scripps Enterprises Inc, a private firm with holdings in real estate, oil and gas.

NBaumann K. He holds a doctorate in electrical engineering and computer science from George Washington University, where he is an adjunct professor. Financial Advice for Tough Times. Our journalism fund supports multimedia education, First Amendment causes, career development, media research, an international free press, professional organizations, and programs that foster diversity, ethics and entrepreneurial enterprise in the communications profession.

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TLima T. Marcus Weinstein is chairman and CEO; Allison Weinstein is president and chief operating officer; and son-in-law Ivan Jecklin is general counsel and executive vice president.

With the economy suffering through a credit crunch and housing slump, was a tough year for the company. Electrical cell assembly for reproducible conductivity experiments in the multi-anvil. They recently opened a fourth location in the Fredericksburg area in Massaponax.

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Clearspring provides a platform for widgets, a mini-Web application that helps people customize their blogs and Web pages. Sargeant Reynolds Community College Foundation this year.

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Scripps League Newspapers

Son Jay Meadows, 45, serves as president of Meadows Farms. Sponges are an ecologically important component of modern Caribbean coral reefs.

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Scripps League Newspapers Education And Research Fund

Terrestrial wreckage of these aircraft has been located in the Pacific region, but no losses in deep water were located untilwhen a NOAA exploration cruise Earlier this year, the company cut its dividend by 87 percent and laid off some Virginia employees.

Williams is the inventor of the StarCured tobacco-curing process and one of the founders of Star Tobacco Inc.


KChen C. It snagged several major contracts last year, with some of them related to protecting American military forces in Iraq. Another son, Harry F. Scripps Alumni Fund Help Today's Students Follow in Your Footsteps The worth of an academic institution is measured not only by the reputation and body of work of its faculty and staff, but also in the caliber of its students.

UH MANOA SCHOLARSHIPS. Glen Grant Endowed Scholarship Fund Carol M. Eastman Undergraduate Research Scholarship. Scripps League Newspapers Education Fund Scholarships Eugene Tao Scholarship. Department of Languages and Literatures of Europe and the Americas (French).

The Scripps League Newspapers Education and Research Fund continues to provide financial assistance to journalism students at universities. Scripps also established the Scripps Library at the Miller Center at the University of Virginia.

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Murrow Center for Media and Health Promotion Research. Adolescents, Romantic Relationships and Media Research Help minority students to obtain higher education and careers in print journalism and print advertising Advertising Giving Opportunities Journalism and Broadcast Scripps League Newspaper Education Fund.

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Scripps league newspapers education and research fund
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