Verb partern and part of body

Freedom of speech is necessary for the health of the body politic. The two islands are separated by a large body of water. The bar is in the main body of the hotel.

You can't hear anything. Most of the body panels on a Land Rover are aluminium. Wrist: to bend; to flex Bend and flex your wrists to relax them after that last Yoga position. Pain racked her body.

There are of course many more verbs associated with these different body parts, but the ones I have highlighted here are some of the more common ones.

Parts of the Body for English Learners

I wrinkled my nose in disgust. I'm thick around the waist. Chest: to cough He was coughing so hard his chest hurt. Leg: to walk; to run I go for a walk every day. I hope you can hear what I am saying.

That makes me right-handed. Body Parts and Their Verbs Posted by Gabriele on Feb 24, in English Vocabulary Today I am going to present a quick review of the vocabulary related to different parts of the body as well as present some of the verbs you might use to describe the actions of these body parts.

The Body - Legs and Feet ankle - Your ankle connects your foot to your leg.

ESL Vocabulary Words for Body Movements

Ear: to listen; to hear Listen up. It hurts.

Body Parts Used as Verbs

Astrology extends back to the time when people worshipped the heavenly bodies as gods. She still had the marks from the ropes on her body. Toes: to curl; to tip-toe It is so cute when the baby curls his toes after you tickle his foot.

Can you think of any more verbs associated with these body parts. There are some references in the main body of the text. Extra examples Extreme heat may cause changes in the body. How much weight can you lift. People often kneel down to pray. If so, please leave your ideas in the comments section of this post.

Foot: to step Step over the sleeping dog. Her whole body trembled. Kiss me. See related entries: Describing hair -bodied 9 in adjectives having the type of body mentioned full-bodied red wines soft-bodied insects see also able-bodied More Like This Compound adjectives for physical characteristics -beaked, -bellied, -billed, -blooded, -bodied, -cheeked, -chested, -eared, -eyed, -faced, -fingered, -footed, -haired, -handed, -headed, -hearted, -hipped, -lidded, -limbed, -mouthed, -necked, -nosed, -skinned, -tailed, -throated, -toothedSee worksheet.

A large body of people will be affected by the tax cuts.

Verb patterns

He has a large body, but thin legs. The body count is growing all the time. I need you all to nod your heads if you understand.

The Body - Arms and Hands elbow - Don't jab your elbow into me. The government is consulting trade unions and other professional bodies.

End of the free exercise to learn English: Verb patterns A free English exercise to learn English. Other English exercises on the same topic: Find the correct tense | All our lessons and exercises. Complete the sentences with verbs that are also body parts.

Click on each box to enter letters in the crossword puzzle, then press the Check Answers button. If you are stuck, press the Hint button to get a. All of the words are categorized into different sections of the body such as the torso, head, legs, etc.

You'll find example sentences for each word to help provide context for learning. There is also a list of body movement verbs including which body part completes each action.

3 [countable] the body of a dead person or animal a dead body The family of the missing girl has been called in by the police to identify the body. Oxford Collocations Dictionary adjective dead, lifeless, mangled, verb + body discover, find, recover, body + noun count, bag preposition on a/ the body See full entry; main part; 4 [singular] the body of something the main part of.

Many verbs have different meanings, however this section deals with verbs and phrasal verbs connected with the human example is provided only where the verb is commonly used in everyday conversation. Body Parts and the first Verbs Josita Maouene ([email protected]) Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, E.

Tenth Street judgers who listed each body part as associated with the verb. Nested body parts (e.g., lip, mouth, head) were treated separately.

Common Collocations: English Verbs with Body Parts Verb partern and part of body
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